A good human resources management strategy, adequate contracts and internal rules are just some of the preconditions for a successful business. Ivanovic Ristic Legal provides its clients with all necessary legal assistance in the field of labor law, such as drafting all types of contracts, organizations and internal procedures with the employer, employment of foreign citizens, implementation of procedure for termination of employment, representation in labor disputes before competent courts, etc. We pay special attention to the topic that has been attracting considerable attention lately, and it refers to the so-called mobbing or harassment at work. It is important to recognize this increasingly present behavior in a timely manner (behavior that defines mobbing, who are the mobbers, what are the causes and consequences) and apply adequate legal protection, especially if we take into account the fact that court practice is quite poor in this area. This topic is equally important for employers who want to protect their employees in order to maintain a good environment and team spirit, as well as for employees who are victims of such behavior.